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Custom planning of your tour of France

Start planning your perfect tour of France​

  1. Look through our Tour Ideas and Accommodations for ideas.

  2. Contact Us and tell us

    • What kind of vacation would you like to have? Leisurely and relaxing or active and energizing?

    • What are your interests? Do you prefer museums or the out-of-doors? Are you interested in cathedrals, chateaus, art? Do you wish to attend sports matches, cultural events, explore nightlife? Do you want to play golf? Do you want to take a bike, hike or walking tour?

    • What specific places do you want to visit?

    • Do you prefer the city or countryside? Warm or temperate weather? Visiting mountains? Beaches?

  3. Based on what you tell us, we will recommend places to visit and help you

    • Explore the history of France through monuments and ruins dating from the Roman Empire. Recount the exploits of William the Conqueror. Trace the victories and sacrifice of St Joan of Arc. Follow the devastation of France and ultimate successes of Allied forces in World War One and Two.

    • Discover the best locations to sample exquisite French cuisine.

    • Take In the fabulous scenery - breathtaking mountain villages, abundant rivers, gorgeous coastlines and fishing ports, exotic parks, beaches and more.

    • Visit wineries new and old. Sample the endless varieties. Enjoy the warm hospitality and wisdom from enthusiastic vignerons (wine-makers).

    • Find ancient abbeys and cathedrals — stately Romanesque and stunning high Gothic architecture and stained glass.

    • Enjoy lavish chateaus and gardens of the French Royalty; tales from the Revolution.

    • Savor inspiring venues of great French painters - Monet's gardens in Givery; Norman landscapes of Impressionist masters; scenes of Provence captured by Cézanne and van Gogh; Parisian haunts of Toulouse-Lautrec.

  4. We start you with a list of places to visit, transportation, lodging options and costs, and plan with you in detail to build your itinerary.

  5. We make your reservations and prepare to welcome you for your visit.

Please see our Terms and Conditions page for specifics on payments, cancellations and refunds.

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